Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stereotyping myself...... not my best idea.

Whinging period is over.... at least while I wait for answers from all the companies... I guess it's my right as a woman to pout, be unreasonable and whinge every now and then ;)

So this whole "Pre-30-project" has taken me to a new phase - let's say we got to phase 2 ( number 1 being the one where I panicked over everything), and I am trying to figure out who I am as a type... so I've looked at women stereotypes, and where i could fit in.... And more interesting - where I would like to fit in, but don't...

I found it even harder trying to categorise some types - but here we go - I tried picking the ones where i think I at some point belonged, or thought I belonged:

"The dollface sheep"
- The most common group in the teen years, girls looking like each other in pretty much every way - same hair colour ( the one that's In atm), same clothing, same principles ( if any at all), they don't have a single independent thought - all that matters is that you don't leave the house without make-up, the right clothes and your hair done.
Why I didn't fit in: I was never skinny or stupid enough, and too lazy.

"One of the boys"
- Talk like a trucker, burp and swear, hanging out with the boys and trying to be cool in their eyes. Baggy Jeans, Skater-sneakers and Hoodies. Picking fights and bad-mouthing the "Dollface sheep".
Why I didn't fit in: Even thought I can burp along with the best of them, I felt like I was ripped of my femininity - I like doing my nails, "Doll'ing up" - and I hate fighting.

"The Musician/ Boho"
- You either sing, play an instrument or have an incredible knowledge about music - the right kind of cause. Clothes are second hand, but carefully chosen out to look just right - you go to concerts and have an active social-life, going out often to listen to music with your equal-minded friends. You date other musician-types.
Why I didn't fit in: I can't play any instruments, or sing (outside the shower), I couldn't participate in the conversations - I tried hard though - this was a wonderful time.

"The nature girl"
- Long walks in the Woods, they are into wattle and gardening. Clothing is usually Wellies, jeans and a knitted sweater. For vacations they like trekking in the mountains or horseback riding. An all around healthy rosy-cheeked girl.
Why I didn't fit in: I do on many of the points - but I hate walking... I am a lazy person, and on my vacations I prefer to enjoy the scenery from a cozy little sidewalk café, or on a scooter.

And then where I would like to place myself now:

"The office chick"
- Pencil skirts, blazers, silk blouses and pumps - immaculate make-up and hair, works 9 to 5, doesn't need help from anyone, earns her own money. Weekends are cocktails and dinner-parties - her home is carefully decorated and neat.
Why this life: Why not? wriggle along and live on the fast-track. Though - what is missing here is the kids I hope to get one day.

Where I would place myself :

"The nestbuilder"
- Bakes, pickles, sew, knits, cooks and cleans. DYI is a philosophically maxim. The home is characterized by the many projects going on - a bit messy. A family is high on the list, and the centre of attention. In lack of husband and kids, there is a cat or tiny dog that gets more attention than it would care to get. Job is only to earn a living.

And in my case: without a job or own nest.
What's wrong with that?: Well - I am 29... not an old maid.. I should be taking advantage of the fact that the 30's are the new 20's - and get out more. At least for a few years.

So I am a sad cat-lady that fills her time with creative projects.... where have I heard this before... hmm.. Oh yeah! That's the outcome of the new tendency among my age group - being single is cool, no strings attached - it creates women like me.. and also a huge group of young men who live like hermits. I know so many of my kind - a new Stereotype, thanks a lot you fecking feckers that came up with the idea that being on your own is great - might be if your skinny, rich and a tramp.. but when your 50, tits hanging, botox paralysed your face and no one wants you any more... I am gonna show up with a big fat sign saying


Think I got sidetracked in the end there....

A new start needs a new tune - the fabulous 30's have begun ;)