Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today is a glorious day.

Yesterday I went to an interview for an intern-ship at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development - I know... very fancy!

I have actually not been writing a whole lot of applications over the last 3 months - been concentrating on work - which is still ab-so-lute-ly lovely, and to be honest, after you get turned down the 30'th time without as much as an invitation to an interview, you kindda loose faith in the whole project, so I guess I needed a bit of time away from it all.
But then my council had 4 open spots, and I wrote an application - naively thinking that since I was working for them anyway at the moment - just in another department - they might give me an advantage over others... but no... not even an interview..

At the same time a very good and fabulous friend of mine mentioned that there soon might be opening some spots where she was - having almost forgotten that there was a whole world out there with fantastic opportunities, I remembered that I was quite facinated with the place she was - first of all it was a Ministry - not just some silly little council, or a mono-tracked company, but a Ministry, with all the importance that holds.. and second of all it was the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation/Development.. need I say more.. this had to be THE place where everything happens, and where the future is build for our cozy little country.. I am a closet science-geek - not a brainiac, but a sucker for sciency stuff and magazines, so this place had to be the perfect place for me.

I wrote an application - and spend quite a while on it.. this could not fail - it was out of the question - I had to get in... and luckily they liked what I wrote (so it was worth the hours and the wonderful help from dear friends)and I got called in for a interview.

And that was yesterday - I wasnt very nervous when I left in the morning - I had my mini notebook with me with some info texts about the place to keep me busy on the train, but I ran into a dear old friend, and we ended up chatting the time away - I arrived almost 1½ hours too early (yes, I really hate being late), so I went over to a beautiful little garden by the canals (oh did I mention the Ministry must have THE best adresse in Copenhagen!)and sat there enjoying the sun for a bit.

when there was 30 odd minuttes left I went back and sat bu the reception and waited.
And then I started to get nervous - but luckily it was my fabulous friend who came to greet me just before the interview, and with a hug, she made it a lot better.

The interview itself was very nice - the women leading it were kind and interesting, and I felt like I did ok - even though I had some of my less intelligent moments - when I get nervous I cant put together an sentence, and the words that come out of my mouth make no sense.. at one point I suddenly realised I had no idea where I was going with the stuff I was saying, so I had to stop (actually faked a little cough lol ) - take a sip of water and then start over... not sure they noticed, but I was terrified just then :P

But to get back to my first sentence:

Today is a glorious day - because just before I left work my friend called, they had let her call me since we were friends, and told me I had gotten the intern-ship.

I am just so relieved now - finally I got what I had wished for, and I even got the best I could imagine.. and having a dear friend being the one to call and say, made it a absolutely perfect end to my year of distress.

Now I just need to find an apartment in Copenhagen.. not the easiest task - but I feel my luck is turning for the better now ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My other Blog

So - it's not because I am leaving this blog and neglecting it.. more than usual.. but I didnt feel this blog would be the right place for my crafts.. also because I decided to finally try and sell some of it.. me and my good ideas are costing me a fortune.. piles of lovely things I made are collecting dust.. so I am digging them all out, and made another blog - just for crafty stuff - and my cake-baking.. and this blog will continue as my thinking box - I will do my best to cross-post on both blogs, if I feel I wrote something read-worthy on any of them ;)

So - a link to my other home:

... come to think of it the blog-titles should be reversed lol - I did start this blog in the hope of it becoming a place where I would post pictures of what I was doing, and recipes for cakes.. but it turned out differently - so.. oh well.. what does the name matter anyway ;)

Please swing by every now and then.. new blog should soon enough be full of goodies :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

and a new themesong for love

I can follow this idea - I will rather have my blind faith that one day HE will show up, than get smacked in the face by reality and settle with someone wrong.

Well - and let's be honest.. this guy can knock on my door any day ;) There will be many glasses of wine drunk and candles lit while he plays on the stereo.. too bad he hasn't made a LP.. a little vinyl sound would suit him.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post D-day.

1 week ago the day finally arrived... I turned 30, and guess what.. I survived ;)

I had been so busy planning and cooking the days before, that I didn't really have time to sit down and wallow in in the fact that I was turning 30.

It was a lovely day - I got up early to finish the After Eight cupcakes for work - spreading the topping while watching an episode of Castle on the computer - my mom baked buns and prepared breakfast meanwhile.. then my Aunt, brother and sister-in-law came by for a birthday breakfast before we all had to go to work.. all in all a lovely start on my birthday.

Ohh and best of all.. guess what I got... ihhhh you can't can you.. I got the best "Aid" ever! - meet my baby :

*Sigh*... isn't it a beauty! Of cause I had to try it out straight away - so after work I made 6 sugar-bread layers for my birthday cake.. and it was amazing.. I have now cleaned and polished it, and stuffed it back in the box for safe keeping until I move out one day, and can offer it a proper spot in my new kitchen :)

Right, then I spend 2 more days cooking and baking for my birthday party - well it was an open house, cause I am flat broke after a year of unemployment, so I didn't have the money for a big fancy party.

I made all the food myself, which also saved me some cash, and boosted my ego after everyone was in awe over my creativity... I wasn't very impressed myself.. maybe it just shows that some ppl are very little creative and are impressed with almost anything hehe.. but then I didn't have to rage over the stupid cake that absolutely did NOT turn out the way I had hoped... note to self - don't wait until the big day to have a go with sugar-paste for the first time ever...

Yeah.. I know.. what do I look like! I just don't do photos very well hehe.. but look at my pink cake !

And the night was spend with good friends chatting and laughing, and the sunday I spend with my mates playing a game they gave me:

I am a sucker for geeky games and horror movies, so a boardgame where you have to kill zombies is right up my ally.. even though my brother and I teamed up and lost 3 games in a row.. we are certain that we are both cursed with "the curse of the crap dice"... we just couldn't roll more than a 3! I think I have to buy some new pink dice for the game...or maybe some rotten-flesh-green ones ;)

So I can conclude that it wasn't so bad turning 30.. I lived.. I didn't get any new wrinkles overnight, and the great finger of judgement didn't point at me and laugh... At least I now have 1 thing to cross off the list - a job :) I absolutely love my new job at the local fire department - lovely ppl and all the files I can organise.. <3 Hopefully by September I will also have found an apprenticeship, and then it's just an apartment missing.. have a feeling that wont be much longer either :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stereotyping myself...... not my best idea.

Whinging period is over.... at least while I wait for answers from all the companies... I guess it's my right as a woman to pout, be unreasonable and whinge every now and then ;)

So this whole "Pre-30-project" has taken me to a new phase - let's say we got to phase 2 ( number 1 being the one where I panicked over everything), and I am trying to figure out who I am as a type... so I've looked at women stereotypes, and where i could fit in.... And more interesting - where I would like to fit in, but don't...

I found it even harder trying to categorise some types - but here we go - I tried picking the ones where i think I at some point belonged, or thought I belonged:

"The dollface sheep"
- The most common group in the teen years, girls looking like each other in pretty much every way - same hair colour ( the one that's In atm), same clothing, same principles ( if any at all), they don't have a single independent thought - all that matters is that you don't leave the house without make-up, the right clothes and your hair done.
Why I didn't fit in: I was never skinny or stupid enough, and too lazy.

"One of the boys"
- Talk like a trucker, burp and swear, hanging out with the boys and trying to be cool in their eyes. Baggy Jeans, Skater-sneakers and Hoodies. Picking fights and bad-mouthing the "Dollface sheep".
Why I didn't fit in: Even thought I can burp along with the best of them, I felt like I was ripped of my femininity - I like doing my nails, "Doll'ing up" - and I hate fighting.

"The Musician/ Boho"
- You either sing, play an instrument or have an incredible knowledge about music - the right kind of cause. Clothes are second hand, but carefully chosen out to look just right - you go to concerts and have an active social-life, going out often to listen to music with your equal-minded friends. You date other musician-types.
Why I didn't fit in: I can't play any instruments, or sing (outside the shower), I couldn't participate in the conversations - I tried hard though - this was a wonderful time.

"The nature girl"
- Long walks in the Woods, they are into wattle and gardening. Clothing is usually Wellies, jeans and a knitted sweater. For vacations they like trekking in the mountains or horseback riding. An all around healthy rosy-cheeked girl.
Why I didn't fit in: I do on many of the points - but I hate walking... I am a lazy person, and on my vacations I prefer to enjoy the scenery from a cozy little sidewalk café, or on a scooter.

And then where I would like to place myself now:

"The office chick"
- Pencil skirts, blazers, silk blouses and pumps - immaculate make-up and hair, works 9 to 5, doesn't need help from anyone, earns her own money. Weekends are cocktails and dinner-parties - her home is carefully decorated and neat.
Why this life: Why not? wriggle along and live on the fast-track. Though - what is missing here is the kids I hope to get one day.

Where I would place myself :

"The nestbuilder"
- Bakes, pickles, sew, knits, cooks and cleans. DYI is a philosophically maxim. The home is characterized by the many projects going on - a bit messy. A family is high on the list, and the centre of attention. In lack of husband and kids, there is a cat or tiny dog that gets more attention than it would care to get. Job is only to earn a living.

And in my case: without a job or own nest.
What's wrong with that?: Well - I am 29... not an old maid.. I should be taking advantage of the fact that the 30's are the new 20's - and get out more. At least for a few years.

So I am a sad cat-lady that fills her time with creative projects.... where have I heard this before... hmm.. Oh yeah! That's the outcome of the new tendency among my age group - being single is cool, no strings attached - it creates women like me.. and also a huge group of young men who live like hermits. I know so many of my kind - a new Stereotype, thanks a lot you fecking feckers that came up with the idea that being on your own is great - might be if your skinny, rich and a tramp.. but when your 50, tits hanging, botox paralysed your face and no one wants you any more... I am gonna show up with a big fat sign saying


Think I got sidetracked in the end there....

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So.. what's the status with me and my plans.. 4 months before I turn 30.... I could lie and say everything played out how I wanted it to.. but then you would have known - I would have posted a looooong post about how fab my new apartment was - incl. pictures :P

So yes... nothing has changed... God, it's depressing when I write it down.. makes it more real.. oh well, Rome wasn't build in 1 day either :P

So - I still live at my parents... on the sofa - well sofa has been replaced by another sofa-bed.. less comfy - but the sofa was my brothers and he wanted it back.. thanks a lot...
I still haven´t found an apprenticeship yet, but tomorrow I am sending out another 21 applications - so with a bit of luck (keeping fingers crossed).

I am doing something though - taking an accounting-course at the moment - to get more competencies within my field.

Also I have started to seriously consider if I should start my baby-plans myself, and get
inseminated... Finding the right guy is hard... to be honest I don't expect the unreal - I know relationships aren't always forever... but a guy who I would share a child with, that I know would be a good father even if we aren't together - that is more than I can hope for right now...

God.. this got a bit serious... I guess my
ovaries are just pounding atm.. and the biological clock is ticking pretty loud :P A good friend just had another baby - my cousin just announced that she is having number 2 as well, and so on and so on.. it's apparently baby-boom time again next year.

Well - do me a favour all, (yes all 4 of you :P) - and cross your fingers for me and my 21 applications.. so that I can move out and start over in the beginning of the new year - before the big 30 hits - and so that I can blog about interesting things - and not just whine and complain like today - I would much rather blog about how I went nuts with DIY projects in my new apartment and accidentally cut the power off , or post pictures of my interior decoration trials.

So for now - go find an interesting blog to read :P there is bound to be some out there that doesn't involve peoples children or cooking recipes... though that's what I usually fall over :P

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So.... We all have addictions of some sort - I have many...

Health-wise only a few of them are bad - My smoking and my lust for chocolate... yes it is lust...

But oh, I have so many many more...


Hats... And I never seem to have an occasion to wear them...
Shoes... And I usually only ever wear the same pair, cause my fat healthy wide feet cant fit into narrow stiletto's, but they just look so pretty in the shop and whisper to me...
Clothes in general... and still I never seem to have anything to wear...
Craft materials... because you never know when you would like to felt a pony...
Stuff for my future home... oh the boxes.. the boxes stuffed with all kinds of junk, from pillowcases to antique plates with gold edges...
Old junk I find adorable... I would make a fantastic bag-lady.. but I would need the world largest shopping-trolley...

Time wasters:
World of Warcraft... I am trying to cut back a lot, and have had a long break recently - gaming doesnt do much good for my tan ;) or my lumps and bumps...
Series... Ohh the biggest time-stealer ever! I must be following a million series - I found out that you could find almost all series on the internet streaming - some really good pay-sites out there.. and then what happens... I don't have to wait a week to see what happens in Gossip Girl.. I just watch episode after episode.. until I actually have to wait, cause there are no more episodes out.. and it gives time to watch Buffy all over again.. and Sex and the city... and Gilmore Girls.. and Bones... and House.. and find series I never knew existed!!... and you get the picture now?
80's and Horror films... Do I actually have to explain this??? Who wouldn't want to spend a whole weekend re-visiting the Breakfastclub or Army of Darkness! (Just bought a Karatekid box set - can't wait for the weekend!!!)
The internet in general... Yes.. why go out and be social when you can sit at home, go on Facebook, play games, listen to music and watch videos of stupid people on YouTube... Right now I am "watching" YouTube, Blogging, on Facebook and Googling stuff... oh and loading an episode of House so it is ready when I am done here...
Crafting... If I am not gluing something together or spreading beads all over my table.. I am not happy...

So you see - I have enough things to keep me busy..... Also conveniently keeping me from dealing with the realities atm.. Like the lack of Job, Home and Man..

Don't try and tell me you don't have at least 3 addictions that keep you happily ignorant about your current situation ;)

(Picture from

A new start needs a new tune - the fabulous 30's have begun ;)