Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post D-day.

1 week ago the day finally arrived... I turned 30, and guess what.. I survived ;)

I had been so busy planning and cooking the days before, that I didn't really have time to sit down and wallow in in the fact that I was turning 30.

It was a lovely day - I got up early to finish the After Eight cupcakes for work - spreading the topping while watching an episode of Castle on the computer - my mom baked buns and prepared breakfast meanwhile.. then my Aunt, brother and sister-in-law came by for a birthday breakfast before we all had to go to work.. all in all a lovely start on my birthday.

Ohh and best of all.. guess what I got... ihhhh you can't can you.. I got the best "Aid" ever! - meet my baby :

*Sigh*... isn't it a beauty! Of cause I had to try it out straight away - so after work I made 6 sugar-bread layers for my birthday cake.. and it was amazing.. I have now cleaned and polished it, and stuffed it back in the box for safe keeping until I move out one day, and can offer it a proper spot in my new kitchen :)

Right, then I spend 2 more days cooking and baking for my birthday party - well it was an open house, cause I am flat broke after a year of unemployment, so I didn't have the money for a big fancy party.

I made all the food myself, which also saved me some cash, and boosted my ego after everyone was in awe over my creativity... I wasn't very impressed myself.. maybe it just shows that some ppl are very little creative and are impressed with almost anything hehe.. but then I didn't have to rage over the stupid cake that absolutely did NOT turn out the way I had hoped... note to self - don't wait until the big day to have a go with sugar-paste for the first time ever...

Yeah.. I know.. what do I look like! I just don't do photos very well hehe.. but look at my pink cake !

And the night was spend with good friends chatting and laughing, and the sunday I spend with my mates playing a game they gave me:

I am a sucker for geeky games and horror movies, so a boardgame where you have to kill zombies is right up my ally.. even though my brother and I teamed up and lost 3 games in a row.. we are certain that we are both cursed with "the curse of the crap dice"... we just couldn't roll more than a 3! I think I have to buy some new pink dice for the game...or maybe some rotten-flesh-green ones ;)

So I can conclude that it wasn't so bad turning 30.. I lived.. I didn't get any new wrinkles overnight, and the great finger of judgement didn't point at me and laugh... At least I now have 1 thing to cross off the list - a job :) I absolutely love my new job at the local fire department - lovely ppl and all the files I can organise.. <3 Hopefully by September I will also have found an apprenticeship, and then it's just an apartment missing.. have a feeling that wont be much longer either :)


  1. See...the 30'ies are absolutely awesome!

    A splendid cake and a fabulous Birthdaygal - and that Kitchenaid!!! Boy! I'm turning green (I want one in iceblue soooo badly!)

    Happy belated Birthday sweetiepie!

  2. woah, lots going on! happy birthday and happy job-finding-money-earning-ability! wooooooo! u need to blog more often, i need things to read when i get my t'internet fixes here in the orient. jeez, honestly! :P



A new start needs a new tune - the fabulous 30's have begun ;)