Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today is a glorious day.

Yesterday I went to an interview for an intern-ship at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development - I know... very fancy!

I have actually not been writing a whole lot of applications over the last 3 months - been concentrating on work - which is still ab-so-lute-ly lovely, and to be honest, after you get turned down the 30'th time without as much as an invitation to an interview, you kindda loose faith in the whole project, so I guess I needed a bit of time away from it all.
But then my council had 4 open spots, and I wrote an application - naively thinking that since I was working for them anyway at the moment - just in another department - they might give me an advantage over others... but no... not even an interview..

At the same time a very good and fabulous friend of mine mentioned that there soon might be opening some spots where she was - having almost forgotten that there was a whole world out there with fantastic opportunities, I remembered that I was quite facinated with the place she was - first of all it was a Ministry - not just some silly little council, or a mono-tracked company, but a Ministry, with all the importance that holds.. and second of all it was the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation/Development.. need I say more.. this had to be THE place where everything happens, and where the future is build for our cozy little country.. I am a closet science-geek - not a brainiac, but a sucker for sciency stuff and magazines, so this place had to be the perfect place for me.

I wrote an application - and spend quite a while on it.. this could not fail - it was out of the question - I had to get in... and luckily they liked what I wrote (so it was worth the hours and the wonderful help from dear friends)and I got called in for a interview.

And that was yesterday - I wasnt very nervous when I left in the morning - I had my mini notebook with me with some info texts about the place to keep me busy on the train, but I ran into a dear old friend, and we ended up chatting the time away - I arrived almost 1½ hours too early (yes, I really hate being late), so I went over to a beautiful little garden by the canals (oh did I mention the Ministry must have THE best adresse in Copenhagen!)and sat there enjoying the sun for a bit.

when there was 30 odd minuttes left I went back and sat bu the reception and waited.
And then I started to get nervous - but luckily it was my fabulous friend who came to greet me just before the interview, and with a hug, she made it a lot better.

The interview itself was very nice - the women leading it were kind and interesting, and I felt like I did ok - even though I had some of my less intelligent moments - when I get nervous I cant put together an sentence, and the words that come out of my mouth make no sense.. at one point I suddenly realised I had no idea where I was going with the stuff I was saying, so I had to stop (actually faked a little cough lol ) - take a sip of water and then start over... not sure they noticed, but I was terrified just then :P

But to get back to my first sentence:

Today is a glorious day - because just before I left work my friend called, they had let her call me since we were friends, and told me I had gotten the intern-ship.

I am just so relieved now - finally I got what I had wished for, and I even got the best I could imagine.. and having a dear friend being the one to call and say, made it a absolutely perfect end to my year of distress.

Now I just need to find an apartment in Copenhagen.. not the easiest task - but I feel my luck is turning for the better now ;)

A new start needs a new tune - the fabulous 30's have begun ;)