Saturday, April 9, 2011

My other Blog

So - it's not because I am leaving this blog and neglecting it.. more than usual.. but I didnt feel this blog would be the right place for my crafts.. also because I decided to finally try and sell some of it.. me and my good ideas are costing me a fortune.. piles of lovely things I made are collecting dust.. so I am digging them all out, and made another blog - just for crafty stuff - and my cake-baking.. and this blog will continue as my thinking box - I will do my best to cross-post on both blogs, if I feel I wrote something read-worthy on any of them ;)

So - a link to my other home:

... come to think of it the blog-titles should be reversed lol - I did start this blog in the hope of it becoming a place where I would post pictures of what I was doing, and recipes for cakes.. but it turned out differently - so.. oh well.. what does the name matter anyway ;)

Please swing by every now and then.. new blog should soon enough be full of goodies :)

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