Sunday, November 21, 2010


So.. what's the status with me and my plans.. 4 months before I turn 30.... I could lie and say everything played out how I wanted it to.. but then you would have known - I would have posted a looooong post about how fab my new apartment was - incl. pictures :P

So yes... nothing has changed... God, it's depressing when I write it down.. makes it more real.. oh well, Rome wasn't build in 1 day either :P

So - I still live at my parents... on the sofa - well sofa has been replaced by another sofa-bed.. less comfy - but the sofa was my brothers and he wanted it back.. thanks a lot...
I still haven´t found an apprenticeship yet, but tomorrow I am sending out another 21 applications - so with a bit of luck (keeping fingers crossed).

I am doing something though - taking an accounting-course at the moment - to get more competencies within my field.

Also I have started to seriously consider if I should start my baby-plans myself, and get
inseminated... Finding the right guy is hard... to be honest I don't expect the unreal - I know relationships aren't always forever... but a guy who I would share a child with, that I know would be a good father even if we aren't together - that is more than I can hope for right now...

God.. this got a bit serious... I guess my
ovaries are just pounding atm.. and the biological clock is ticking pretty loud :P A good friend just had another baby - my cousin just announced that she is having number 2 as well, and so on and so on.. it's apparently baby-boom time again next year.

Well - do me a favour all, (yes all 4 of you :P) - and cross your fingers for me and my 21 applications.. so that I can move out and start over in the beginning of the new year - before the big 30 hits - and so that I can blog about interesting things - and not just whine and complain like today - I would much rather blog about how I went nuts with DIY projects in my new apartment and accidentally cut the power off , or post pictures of my interior decoration trials.

So for now - go find an interesting blog to read :P there is bound to be some out there that doesn't involve peoples children or cooking recipes... though that's what I usually fall over :P


  1. *huggs* I'll cross my fingers! <3

  2. aww gl! btw, just by browsing through blogs on blogger, I have come to the conclusion that about 97% of blogs are written by at least one of three sperate demographics. those are:

    Ultra-pro religion people that feel they need to share their faith and opinions with everyone.

    People with families that feel they need to share their happiness with everyone.

    Asian people, who for some reason, just really like blogs.

    Couple weeks ago I came across a blog written by a pro-jesus asian couple with three kids... I swear that space and time imploded.

    fingers x'd for the apps!


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