Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things to do list.....

Hmmmm..... "things to do before something" lists, seems to be a good film topic.. and book topic, and blogs for that matter.... But I don't know if I think they are a good idea and a motivator, or a really bad idea and a stress-factor...

I mean, you don't really need a list - The best plan for your life is "live life to the fullest"... But I guess that "the fullest" can be hard to cope with.. what is it, and when do you know, if you have achieved it?

So I guess I might be pro-"things to do before something" lists.. as long as they don't involve unrealistic demands and wishes... "Before I turn 25 I want to marry the prince of Sweden".... mmmm would have been nice though.. he is a handsome fella.

As I am approaching 30, I find myself in the situation where I feel like I have to have had a list of "Things to do before I turn 30".... And I am pretty sure it would have involved marriage and kids, but I am in the lucky position that there is not such a list, and I don't have to feel a defeat for not finishing it.
On the other side, I am in a pretty low and depressing place of my life at the moment ( well, drowning in self-pity anyway), so a few motivators couldn't hurt.

So I have been going over what I would like to achieve before I turn 30 - in kind of realistic measures of cause. I have about 7 months left.

1) A place of my own to live ( Should be possible once I get some funds again)

2) A Apprenticeship in an office - or at least a job (There ought to be a job out there somewhere!)

3) The possibility of a romance - that's not too much to ask is it... (come out come out where ever you are...)

4) Get off my sorry behind and see old friends. (How hard can it be to drag myself out for coffee)

That should be possible... Or at least motivational... diets and promises of working out will have to wait till I have the basics covered...

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