Monday, July 26, 2010

Acting accordantly to age....

I am pretty sure, that I as a 29 year old am suppose to act differently than I am.. according to the "norm".
I should have a steady job - trying to make a career, own my own home, or at least have a fab flat somewhere in the city, host dinner parties for my friends, have a significant other that I can go on vacations with, and maybe even a few kids..... Weekends should be spend on cocktails with my girlfriends, or dinners at friends with my man.... acting maturely and grown-up.

But even though some of it sounds kinda nice - that's not how I roll... yet at least.

I am still under education - I don't have a dream of a career in the fast lane - I just want to be a secretary, dress up in cute pencil-skirts and silk blouses, make coffee and make sure all the wheels are turning.. And I am pretty good at it too! I am a natural assistant, I aim to please and multi-task.. And there is nothing wrong with not wanting more.. in my opinion.

I don't have a significant other - besides my cat (oh yes - I am a cat-lady, but that's a whole different story). But this part I would like to change.. just not the easiest thing in the world to find a good man at my age.. most of them are already taken, and the rest seems to be hiding ( also another blog-entry in the future).

Cocktails with the girlfriends does sound nice - you just don't get a lot of cocktail bars where I live - we have a dodgy bodega with a pool-table.. that's it....

So I spend my time reading, gaming, crafting and playing cards with my best friend.... probably doesn't sound very fascinating... but I am quite happy for the time being.

But don't think I am an ignorant, unaware and simple-minded girl because of it.... I follow politics - always vote and take pride in knowing who stands for what, and how that affects me and the world around me. I know my history, and aim to know what goes on in the world around me - I don't let others dictate what I should think, but make my own opinions based on facts and experience.
I have an open mind, and will try everything once (unless it is obviously stupid), I don't judge a book by it's cover, and I know that every story has two sides.

I am a shy person, and that tends to come of as being a snob or just plain bitchy - and I can be bitchy - oh deary yes I can... I am a woman for gods sake - I have done it all, backstabbing, badmouthing etc.. I would like to meet the woman that claims never to have.... And if you do me wrong, your not likely to be forgotten in this century.. But I have never been a leader, by choice anyway, I don't have the skills for it.
Oh.. where was I going with this... ah yes - I think I was trying to explain that I am just like any other person out there - even if I don't follow the norms of what you should be doing at my age - I am just not busy growing up too fast - it sounds so final.. and dull... I just want to enjoy life and keep my playful side for as long as I can :)

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