Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doing stuff on my own.

As mentioned, I am closing in on 30, and after a long time of waiting for things to happen for me - I decided that a girl's gotta take responsibility for her own life, and make things happen!

So, as a part of my new "Get satisfied with your life before turning 30" project, I decided, that the first thing was to find out if I could stand my own company, so I took a week abroad - to Tunisia to be specific - on my own.

I have always loved to travel - and I have tried to travel between destinations alone before - that doesn't scare me.. I love it! But a whole week - in Tunisia - all alone.. that scared me a bit.

It started fine - check in at airport - get on plane - eat incredibly nasty food on plane - land - begin to grasp that everything is in french.... oh no.. My French vocabulary is as good as non existing.. It's ok - I can handle it.. noooo problem.. they also seem to speak a tiiiny bit of Deutsch - and I can remember a bit from school.. - Meet Danish guides ( thank god) - get on bus to hotel - uhhh hotel looks niiice - get into room ( all good there as well)... and then the vacation started.

It was actually quite a nice hotel - big pool, all inclusive meals, nice staff and my room was great.. besides from the obvious lack of TV channels in English - there is a limit for how long BBC news can stay interesting... and watching American movies synchronised to French, is really frustrating!
The first couple of days went by fast- I read my book, ate in the restaurant ( uhhh I tell you, they had a huuuuge table with cakes for every meal.. so long diet!) and slept.. On the 3'rd day I finally got myself together and went down to the pool - but there is something about being alone among a ton of other people.. you feel more alone - and I couldn't really leave the hotel after getting told ( and experiencing, the one time I left the hotel on my own) that the local men weren't the most polite, or respectful.
So there I sat.. on day no. 3 - and felt utterly alone.. But at dinner I met a Danish couple I had spoken to briefly on the first day - and we ended up hanging out the last 5 days ( later another couple joined in, and we had a great time) - so I was saved from my loneliness, and got to leave the hotel and see the area.. together with others.
But even though I was thankful for meeting these people, I also felt as if I got cheated out of my "Single girl-power vacation" - not because of the people I met, but because of the location I had chosen... A place where I couldn't be myself, couldn't go out for dinner alone, or rent a scooter and drive around the island...

So next time ( and there will be one) I am choosing a location where the locals speak English, men are more respectful of women, not an Islamic area ( not because of the religion, I have all the respect in the world for religions, but because I couldn't go out on my own, or get drunk because of the traditions) , and not at a hotel stuffed with people.. I am thinking a nice little straw-hut on a beach in Fiji maybe.. just me, my books, a ton of alcohol and maybe some fit surfer dudes to look at....

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