Monday, July 19, 2010

My geeky side.....

So..... All though I am very girly, and can spend hours doing my nails, or my hair etc. , I also have a less girly girl side - and that is my geeky side.

I blame my brothers - growing up with 2 older brothers and no other girls, makes you adapt to the "manly ways" - only problem is - I didn't learn how to fix my scooter, or beat up cheeky boys.. I learned how to play Dungeons and Dragons, play computer games and how to love Lord of the rings.... So here I sit today.. age 29, and just spend the last 4½ hours playing World of Warcraft on my PC, and I enjoyed it!

I also fiddle a bit with Warhammer.. yes... the tiny figurines that you paint - no wait, first you spend a fortune on buying them.. and you need at least 100 of them.. then you paint them - and show off to your fellow Warhammer-players, then you fight someone else on a table.. well your figurines do.. you stand on your side of the table, making faces and swearing, while mumbling lucky words to your dices before rolling them.. and if failing, you have to act as if the gods have called several curses upon you and raise your fist in anger...
To be honest I mostly watch the others play - I am too cheap to spend 200 pounds on small plastic figurines.. I could be spending that money on shoes! ( Here I am still mostly a girly girl), but I have a few myself, and when I play, I just borrow one of my brothers armies - he has several, so why should I spend money on that.

But when it comes to World of Warcraft, I also spend silly money on it.. have to have the Collectors Edition of new expansions... you get a cute pet in the game you now! And you get a cool giant box you can.. hmmm well I don't have it out in the open.. it's in a box somewhere, due to the "living on a sofa" issue.

So that's my little "dark" secret... I am not embarrassed.. and I don't mind admitting I am a proud geek - If it wasn't for my geeky side, I wouldn't have met a lot of the absolutely lovely people I know today.

So - explore your other sides... don't miss out on all the fun because it "feels weird" - the books alone in the fantasy genre is worth a peak ;) Or maybe drop the 4 inches of make-up for one day, and go stick your head under the hood of your car and learn a few things on your own.. And you guys could get a facial, or draw a bubble bath... can't really think of any other girly things that men could find nice ;)

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