Sunday, July 18, 2010

To blog or not to blog

Why not...... seems to be the *thing* to do these days, and who am I to question what is hip and what is not.... I'll just jump on the bandwagon, and enjoy the ride.

So..... what can I bring to this relationship? Hmm, well anything I want to I guess - it's my blog. And you can bring whatever you like - pity, anger, love, understanding, criticism or nothing at all.

My main motivators - my m&m's, for starting this blog... well I guess you can hide a bit more here.. and not care too much about what others think.. I mean, if you visit my blog, it is to read it - you can hardly stumble over it, read the content, and then be annoyed with me "sharing crap about myself that you don't care about".. it's not Facebook.

I am almost 30.... less than a year away lies the big 3 0 ..... I don't think it would creep me out as much, if things were different when I turned 29.. but they weren't.... I was at the time.. unemployed, single, still too fat, and best of all - living on a sofa in my parents spare living-room... I am still all those things... had a very short, brighter period, where I went to a course in business economics and IT, and actually thought things might change.. but no...

I wonder where my 20's went - I sure as hell didn't use them. No memories of wild parties, casual sex, meaningful relationships, or even dating strangers. What a waste.... But at least I now know, not to waste my 30's aswell - it's never too late.

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