Friday, September 3, 2010

Born in the wrong decade..

Ever since I can remember, I have loved the 50's - music, design, style and most of all, the way women were women and men were men.

I might be stepping on some feminist toes now, but I feel the whole "equal rights" thing has gone a bit too far - of cause I think women and men are equal when it comes to jobs, payment and other essential living conditions.. But then something went wrong.. now we have power women, who act just like men - and call men "the weaker sex".. isn't that just as bad.. even worse than what we had before.. at least men used to hold the door, pull out the chair, and buy us beautiful things.. now the power women are trying to make men into shape-able lumps of meat - be soft and in touch with their feelings, do the dishes and clean the house - then afterwards when they tried so hard to please us - we get turned off by the softness..

I would prefer a "Mans man" any day - I don't mind being the woman - doing the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the children. I want a man who adores me and treats me like a lady - holds the door and gives me his coat if I am cold. I want to spoil my man, and make sure I am pretty for him every day, not wearing unflattering sweats and unshaven legs.
It's a compromise - If I want a real man who brings home the bacon and takes care of me, I should give something back - and I am not a girl who likes to share her toys - so he should not be looking at other ladies - If we want our men to stay rugged and handsome, we should not complain when they want us to stay pretty ;)

Well - besides from the whole gender thing, I also love the fashion of the 50's - cute cardigans and pencil skirts - women had hips and breasts - and the clothing was flattering and brought out the lovely shapes - no skinny twig girls like today. Ohh to be able to dress up in that every day, wriggle down the street wearing gloves and a hat.. *Sigh* I am not shaped for it at the moment - so I keep to a few clothing items that gives me a feel of the 50's - and then I go nuts with curlers and shoes.
And luckily I am not the only girl who loves the 50's - so every now and then I find places to shop or get ideas - One of my absolute favourites is Miss Vera - a fantastic girl named Camille started her own brand of Rockabilly & Pinup clothing and accessories, and they are to die for!
I linked her Blog and web-store for you :)

I would like to say that my home shows my affection of the 50's.. but as I mentioned in one of the first blogs - I am currently living on a sofa in a living-room - so no.. but my boxes are filled with vintage kitchen-appliances, pictures etc... so usually it shows.

My dream is to open a dance-hall - like they used to make them - with a big-band and all, but that's another blog, another day.

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